Country building and landscape design

Many people believe that landscape design is planting trees and other vegetation around the house, but this is not entirely true.

To be precise, landscape design is the skill of organizing the surrounding space, and this is a little more than planting.

It is an art to plan the spaces, place the paths, plant the plants in the zones that are favorable for them, arrange all of them according to the color scheme, arrange them in height, according to the drawing, dilute everything with interior and many other factors.

The architectural style and appearance of the site

For example, if the house is wooden, then a wooden gazebo with benches, a pond in which you can breed fish will look great, a well from a log house decorated with local ornaments or handicrafts made of wood will look great.
But for a brick house, which is best done with stone, an artificial waterfall will suit, smoothly flowing into the pool, where you can swim and a hot summer day will seem like a great time to spend. In such a situation it would be nice to put a pool in stone too.

It should be noted that the use of stone for making any decisions will be correct, it looks great when choosing any style.

In addition to additional infrastructure, it is worthwhile to devote time to landscaping the site. Any hostess wants to break a flower bed in the country. Bulb flowers (such as dahlias, gladioli, lilies, tulips) are best suited for these purposes.

These flowers do not need special care, and they bloom just fine. Not only arbors, ponds and flowers are important for the dacha. His face can be called a fence or a gate, because this is the first thing that any visitor, as the people say, are greeted by clothes.

A popular solution is a fence trimmed with natural stone using designer forging.
Forging is always relevant in the construction of fences, it looks stylish, not annoying. After all, such a fence will have an original drawing, a view that will not be found anywhere else.

So, modern landscape design offers a lot of opportunities, you should not limit the flight of fantasy, the main thing is that this area is comfortable, cozy.

Landscape design is infinite, you can constantly improve your work, the ideas of this art can be so individual and unique, there can be a lot of them and after putting them into practice, you can get interesting, daring works that can become whole directions.

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